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QANDA, a combination of 'Q and A', is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based application developed by Mathpresso Inc., an educational technology company based in South Korea. Mathpresso's vision is to provide equal opportunities for students around the world to access education using AI technology.

Since 2016, Mathpresso has successfully launched QANDA in 7 different languages and has dominated the market with over 8 million active monthly users and a total of 70 million listed users. The QANDA application has been named the number one educational app in Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam in 2019, as well as Thailand and Indonesia in 2020.

With QANDA, students can access quality education and get instant answers to their academic questions through the power of AI. Mathpresso's commitment to providing equal educational opportunities for students worldwide has earned them a reputation as a leading educational technology company. Through QANDA, Mathpresso is transforming the way students learn, creating a more accessible and efficient educational experience for everyone.

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