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Oct 11, 2023

Mathpresso (QANDA) secures $8 Million Investment from KT, a Leading Korean Telecom Company, for Enhanced AI in Education

Mathpresso, one of Kejora's portfolio companies and their flagship app QANDA, has recently secured an $8 million investment from KT Corporation, a major Korean telecom company. Headquartered in Seoul, QANDA (Mathpresso) aims to provide effective education for all. Initially launched as a 1:1 Q&A service with top university tutors, QANDA has evolved into a comprehensive educational platform, with over 80 million registered users across 50 countries, and approximately 10 million photos are uploaded on QANDA worldwide every day. This new funding will support the company's mission to develop a Large Language Model (LLM) optimized for educational purposes. QANDA (Mathpresso) will combine its vast education data and advanced AI capabilities with KT's expertise and infrastructure. 


This collaboration will result in a more accurate and robust LLM. Mathpresso's data resources include over 6 billion QANDA user solution searches, teacher-student interactions, advanced math equation recognition, and proprietary math-solving algorithms. The plan is to integrate this education-focused LLM into an AI tutor, offering personalized and effective learning support across platforms like the QANDA app, QANDA Study (an online school), and QANDA Tutor (a 1:1 tutoring service). The company recently introduced 'Poly,' a beta chatbot powered by LLM and OCR technology in the QANDA app. 


QANDA (Mathpresso), which has already achieved great success in the Asian education app sector, plans to enter the U.S. market by the year's end. As part of this plan for growth, the LLM will be improved with data from native English speakers so that it can serve English-speaking users. As QANDA (Mathpresso) continues to receive support from Kejora, we look forward to witnessing their ongoing contributions to the world of education and beyond.

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