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Pinkfong, a South Korean educational entertainment brand, has revolutionized the way children learn about the world with its visually stimulating and fun learning experiences.

With over 113 million YouTube subscribers and 60 billion views, Pinkfong is dedicated to delivering high quality original content, apps, and consumer products that are both educational and entertaining. Their music and videos cover a range of subjects, including phonics, math, and more, making learning a fun and engaging experience for kids and families alike.

One of Pinkfong's most well-known creations is the global phenomenon, "Baby Shark." With over 12 billion views, this catchy tune has become the most-played video of all time and spawned a viral dance routine. Pinkfong's commitment to delivering high-quality educational content through visually appealing and fun experiences has made them the world's most influential YouTube content provider. With Pinkfong, children and families can explore the world in a way that is both entertaining and educational, creating a truly unique and memorable learning experience.

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