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Go Cement

Go Cement
Go Cement

GoCement, a technology-based construction company, is dedicated to revolutione the material sourcing process for small and medium-sized contractors through the digitization of small building material stores. The company operates an innovative application, functioning as a B2B marketplace for construction materials, boasting an extensive range of over 7,000 SKUs from private label and other renowned brands. By leveraging the PT Drymix infrastructure from Triputra Group, GoCement empowers private labels to create and market their own brand of construction materials.

A key aspect of GoCement's mission is continuous innovation and collaboration with various stakeholders. The company actively seeks strategic partnerships with top leading construction entities, including Semen Gresik, Sika AG, The Siam Cement Group, and numerous others. This commitment to forging strong alliances aids in the development of Indonesia's construction industry, facilitated by GoCement's comprehensive commerce platform. Through these endeavors, GoCement is reshaping the construction landscape and striving to be at the forefront of industry advancements.

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