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Foundation Healthcare

Foundation Healthcare
Foundation Healthcare

Foundation Healthcare Holdings Pte. Ltd. (FHH) is a pioneering ground-up healthcare platform in Singapore, with ambitions to expand its reach regionally. The company has successfully established a robust ecosystem that comprises more than 50 private specialists across 13 medical specialties, supported by Smarter Health Pte. Ltd. (SH), a health technology company. Together, they form a new regional private healthcare platform with an impressive revenue of over S$130 million. FHH's core mission revolves around delivering value-based healthcare, making private healthcare accessible, affordable, and accountable. With a strong focus on data-driven technology, FHH aims to improve coordination among key stakeholders, especially insurers and third-party payors, enhancing the overall patient experience while reducing inefficiencies.

As one of the largest multi-specialty private specialist groups in Singapore, Foundation Healthcare is poised to become the leading private healthcare provider by 2027. The company's vision centers around creating value for patients by fostering collaboration with all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. Not only does FHH support established private specialists in further developing their practices, but it also nurtures and assists new specialists in starting their private practices. Through economies of scale and efficient care delivery pathways, Foundation Healthcare is well-positioned to be a valuable partner for insurers and third-party payors, optimizing costs and delivering exceptional care. The company's expansive network includes Ambulatory Surgical Centres (ASCs) and a range of Allied Health Services, both through "own-and-operate" models and strategic partnerships, further cementing its ability to manage costs effectively and influence the value stream in healthcare.

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