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Understanding 'Credo Action' as a Technopreneur with Alfred Boediman

On May 11, 2016, one of our mentor from the Kejora, Ideabox and Founder Institute program, Alfred Boediman, came to Kejora HQ to talk about having a "credo action" as a technopreneur while promoting his book, "Beyond Me." During Mr. Boediman's talk session, he talked about his experience as a businessman and technopreneur in different industries. He also talked about his experience working as the head of research and development in Samsung. Read on to learn about Mr. Boediman's tips and message on living life as an technopreneur.


We started the event with Mr. Boediman giving an introduction about himself. During this introduction, he talked about his experience building this own startups, one of the many being a popular community platform called Kaskus. Mr. Boediman also talked about venturing in businesses outside the area of technology and his experience from working in the research and development sector of a multi-national corporation like Samsung. Mr. Boediman told the attendees that he is also a professor from various universities namely University of Indonesia, University of Chicago-Singapore, and many more.


Mr. Boediman told us that his book "Beyond Me" is a guide for technopreneurs, which was based on his experience as one. When we asked him about "credo action," he told us "credo" is a latin-based term that means "to believe." By having a "credo action," one have a set of self-made list of rules or guideline, which will help them to achieve their end-goal. When one aims to become a technopreneur, then they have a certain "credo" that they have to follow in order to be successful. One example of "credo action" can be to lead one's employees through action. So if you want your employees to be punctual, your "credo action" would be to always be punctual when coming to work and during meetings.


Mr. Boediman talked about the five qualities he believe a successful technopreneur to have. The first one being the access to the right resources and infrastructure. Using Kejora as an example, he talked about how the entrepreneur in Kejora had the right resources and infrastructure due to our abundant list of mentors and advisors. He talked about how as a co-working space, Kejora constructed a strong infrastructure for the startups residing in Kejora HQ. Because they can help each other out and make partnership with each other in order to build their startups together. The second quality to have is the right attitude. He stated that no one owes you anything in order to help you. Because most Indonesian are pampered by their parents and used to being served by another, most individuals feel entitled for success. This has to change if one wants to become successful in being a technopreneur. One must maintain humility and work hard to get success. The third quality mentioned was to become an active-learner. If you want to get better, there is no other way to grow other than acquiring new skills and knowledge. Always try to learn new things and improve on your skill. Once you stop learning, then you won't grow and eventually others will become better than you. The fourth quality Mr. Boediman mentioned was that you should listen more and become less stubborn, but at the same time have your own identity. When you talk more than you're listening, you won't be able to get new information. In addition, someones other people can give you ideas and insights that you missed. It doesn't hurt to listen to others and being less stubborn regarding your belief and ideas. At the same, he told the attendees that you shouldn't let others boss you around and tell you what to do. One must have their own identity and understand their own belief "credo" code. The last quality was said to be the most important, which is to be lucky. Most of the time, people becomes successful because they are lucky. They are lucky to meet the right people, they are lucky to be in the right situation and they are lucky to have the right resources. Without luck, no matter how useful your product is and how flawless your business plan is, it won't reach the right people to make it grow.


Mr. Boediman mentioned there are more insights regarding the technology and education industry in his "Beyond Me" book and told the attendees that the profit from the book will be donated to the "anak asuh" association. Which is one of his many passions in life.


After talking about Mr. Boediman's experience and his "Beyond Me" book, we opened question to the attendees. Five lucky winners were able to win Mr. Boediman's "Beyond Me" book. During this session one of the attendees asked Mr. Boediman about time management as a technopreneur and an employee from a company, which Mr. Boediman simply stated that if you can manage your time efficiently and set your priorities straight you should be able to do all the things you want to do. Another attendee asked about "when is it the right time for one to give up." Mr. Boediman answered that if you are passionate enough to complete that specific goal, then you won't give up on it. There was many other question asked regarding startup culture and Mr. Boediman's experience. Overall, the talk event was very insightful and Mr. Boediman also gave attendees alot of tips in human psychology, communication and becoming a successful individual.

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