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Sep 12, 2023

SWAP recognized as Indonesia's Key Player in the Deloitte x Foundry Report on Electric Vehicle

In a noteworthy development that echoes across the realm of sustainable energy solutions, SWAP, one of our esteemed portfolio companies, has been prominently featured in a comprehensive report developed by Deloitte in collaboration with Foundry.


This report not only highlights but robustly substantiates SWAP’s instrumental role in reshaping Indonesia’s energy sector, particularly within the paradigm of Electric Vehicle (EV) energy solutions. With an impressive 74% of battery swap stations throughout the country being helmed by SWAP, the company has not merely participated in but led the transformative wave of adopting cleaner and more sustainable energy options in Indonesia. Furthermore, the market share for battery swapping, a technological and logistic feat, has witnessed an astronomical growth, capturing a formidable 55% within a concise span of two years.


A detailed exploration in the report brings to light:


Innovative Leadership: SWAP’s innovative approach in propelling the adoption and accessibility of EV energy solutions across Indonesia, establishing a network that promises reliability and sustainability.


Strategic Partnerships: The pivotal alliances formed with various stakeholders, ensuring the streamlined operation and expansion of swap stations, thus contributing to the burgeoning growth witnessed in the EV sector.


Market Dynamics: A critical analysis of the rapid and robust growth of the battery-swapping market share, unveiling strategies and implementations that have precipitated this substantial market presence.


This esteemed report launch not only celebrated SWAP’s considerable achievements but also amalgamated distinguished professionals and thought leaders from the energy and logistics sectors, including Fadli Rahman (Director of BD & Strategic Planning - Pertamina NRE), Philippe Auberger (CEO of Lazada Logistics), Nindito Reksohadiprodjo (Partner of Deloitte), Irwan Tjahaja (CEO of SWAP Energi), and Agus Tjahajana (Special Staff to the Minister of ESDM Indonesia). 

During the report launch, Agus Tjahajana, Special Staff to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (EDSM) Indonesia, conveyed that prevalent challenges with electric motorcycles, such as battery standardization and limited range, could be robustly mitigated through a solidified battery swapping system, thereby accelerating the transition to and adoption of electric motorcycles.


"Therefore, Indonesia needs swap stations spread at various points for the convenience of its users. We cannot compare electric motorcycles with gasoline motorcycles that have been around for 40 years," Tjahajana expressed in an official statement.


Furthermore, Irwan Tjahaja, Founder & CEO of SWAP Energy, affirmed SWAP Energy’s unwavering commitment as one of the trailblazers in the battery swapping and electric motorcycle industry towards realising a greener and more sustainable Indonesia. "With 1,500 swap stations already disseminated throughout Indonesia, we will expedite the establishment of 5,000 battery exchange points to facilitate electric motorcycle users in transitioning to a more eco-friendly mode of transportation," he elucidated.

For an in-depth understanding and to download the full report, we invite you to visit:


We extend our hearty congratulations to SWAP for this well-deserved recognition and look forward to continuing to support their transformative journey in pioneering sustainable energy solutions.

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