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Sep 20, 2023

SWAP Forged Partnership with Lazada Logistics

Kejora Portfolio Company, SWAP is trusted as the partner for Lazada Logistics in their EV pilot program


In a paramount evolution towards ecologically sustainable mobility, we proudly announce that SWAP, a prominent member of the Kejora Portfolio, has solidified a partnership with Lazada Logistics, embarking together on an Electric Vehicle (EV) pilot program.Lazada Logistics has launched a pilot program, signaling the inception of this synergistic partnership, integrating 10 Smoot electric motorcycles—SWAP’s distinguished e-motorcycle brand—into their logistical operations. This initiative represents a concerted effort to weave sustainability into the logistical and transportation facets of the business, further illustrated by current operations wherein Lazada Logistics couriers are utilizing electric motorcycles across Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.


This collaboration is underscored by prospective research insights from the Electric Mobility Ecosystem Association (AEML), which project the Indonesian electric vehicle market to burgeon to an estimable $20 billion by 2030. Philippe Auberger, Lazada Indonesia's Chief Logistic Officer, emphasized, "We are indeed committed to continuously developing quality logistic solutions that are also more environmentally friendly and sustainable for businesses in Indonesia." This eloquently echoes a commitment to not only recognize but actively engage with the impending proliferation of the EV market.Smoot, the e-motorcycle brand developed by SWAP, is not merely a vehicle but a nuanced integration of smart technology and mobility. Through a dedicated Smoot app, users can seamlessly connect their smartphones to their motorcycles, enabling a plethora of functionalities including monitoring the health status of the motorcycle and battery, facilitating cashless payments for kilometer top-ups, GPS tracking, engine shut-off, travel history documentation, and more. Furthermore, users are supported by an expansive network of 1,000 battery exchange locations (swap stations) dispersed throughout Indonesia.


Extending our earnest congratulations to SWAP for this strategic alliance, we invite you to stay tuned for more updates and insights as we collectively steer towards a harmoniously sustainable future.

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