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May 11, 2023

SWAP Energy at BEYOND EXPO 2023 Macao: Sharing Insights on Southeast Asia's Race to Sustainability

At BEYOND 2023, SWAP Energy's Co-Founder & CEO, Irwan Tjahaja, joined Ting Yan Leck from Trive Ventures and Carrie Chan from Avant Meats to discuss the progress of sustainability in Southeast Asia. Irwan shed light on the significant advancements made in Indonesia's electric vehicle (EV) transition, emphasizing the urgent need for sustainable mobility solutions in the country.


Indonesia, as the home to the world's third-largest motorcycle population, faces unique challenges in terms of mobility and environmental impact. With 130 million motorcycles on the roads every day and an annual purchase of 5 million new motorcycles, the country contributes significantly to carbon emissions and air pollution. This calls for immediate action to address the sustainability concerns associated with the country's mobility sector. 



“Now is the best momentum to drive forward for a greener Indonesia and Southeast Asia. As the region's largest green energy distribution network, SWAP Energy has deployed over 1,000+ swap stations and thousands of SMOOT e-motorcycles. Our mission is to accelerate Indonesia's transition to sustainable energy. We are honored to have earned the trust of prominent enterprises such as GRAB, G20 Indonesia, Lazada, BP, and others, working together as green partners to reduce carbon emissions,” Irwan said.


Irwan stressed the pivotal role of Indonesia in driving sustainability initiatives across the region. By adopting electric vehicles and embracing greener alternatives, Indonesia can set a positive example for other Southeast Asian countries, inspiring a collective effort towards a more sustainable future.

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