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May 10, 2023

Smarter Health Supports Foundation Healthcare Holdings, Singapore's Premier Private Medical Group

SeaTown Holdings, an investment manager indirectly owned by state investor Temasek, has invested $150 million to establish Foundation Healthcare Holdings (FHH), a new Singapore-based medical group. FHH aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by harnessing the transformative capabilities of Smarter Health, a Singapore-based healthtech company invested by one of Kejora's fund, Orbit Malaysia, and other notable investors. Together, they will develop a cutting-edge data-driven platform to enhance collaboration among healthcare stakeholders, with a strong focus on insurers and third-party payers. FHH is assembling a team of 50 top-notch medical specialists across various areas of expertise, including cardiology and general surgery. 


This significant investment will lay the groundwork for a new regional private healthcare platform. SeaTown has highlighted that the combined entity has achieved revenue exceeding S$130 million, positioning it as one of Singapore's largest private healthcare groups. With the allocated funds, FHH aims to implement a "buy-and-build" strategy to expand its network and geographical reach, as well as diversify into additional healthcare services. 


Furthermore, Smarter Health leverages its cutting-edge capabilities to capture comprehensive data throughout the consumer journey. This empowers the platform to generate invaluable insights into customers' health-seeking behavior, population characteristics, claims treatment patterns, and clinical cost appropriateness. Armed with these insights, healthcare stakeholders, particularly insurers and third-party payors, can enhance coordination, driving greater efficiency and effectiveness within the regional healthcare system.


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