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Qatar's JTA invests in Investree to start expansion into Middle East and Qatar markets.

Indonesian peer-to-peer lending company Investree has raised its Series D funding with Qatar conglomerate JTA International Holding leading the round.

In addition to backing Investree's expansion in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, the Series D funding will also support its investment to increase Investree's ownership in Indonesian digital lender Bank Amar.

Co-Founder & CEO of Investree, Adrian Gunadi, said that the funding will be used to develop Investree's products and services as well as to enhance partnerships. "To provide breakthroughs for MSME players, strengthen Investree's efforts in presenting integrated digital business solutions and digital banking in Indonesia, and solidify Investree's position as one of the leading fintech platform," he said.

Gunadi said JTA and Investree will start a joint venture company in Qatar to provide technology solutions for digital supply financing there. The new company will tap into the small and medium-sized company markets that link to the government procurement program in Qatar.

"By joining JTA Holding, Investree will enter the Middle East and Qatar soon," Gunadi added. Investree has already expanded into Thailand and the Philippines, and through this investment, the company will soon enter the Middle East and Qatar markets.

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