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ProSehat: The First Online Health Marketplace in Indonesia is Now Available in​​Android

Started just after Indonesia Independence Day in August as the first online health marketplace in Indonesia. 3 months later in National Heroes Day, ProSehat Android application is ready to help Indonesian families being healthy in the way that is easy and affordable.

ProSehat provides access to buy prescription drugs and OTC medicines as well as vitamin / health supplements. Users can directly obtain benefits from the grip through the Android system­based application that currently dominates the smartphone market. To ensure the security and authenticity of health products, ProSehat partners with various local authorized pharmacies spread across some areas, especially in Jakarta.

Buying prescription drugs now is easy unlike what it used to be; the medicine is not readily available and unknown time when the medicine is finally available. Moreover, ProSehat enables users to pay conveniently by various method of payments including the popular cash-­on-­delivery (COD) method. ProSehat also serves the families nationwide and offers method of deliveries that are suitable for each user.

<br\>Using ProSehatThis helpful Android application is first released on 10th November 2015 in an exhibition in“Tech in Asia” Conference Jakarta, Indonesia’s Ultimate Tech Conference held on 11­12November 2015. And you can experience the new way of healthy living by installing it in Google Play Store for free. The application is also easy to use. After installation, users may directly use the app to take a picture of a doctor’s prescription of simply browse through more than thousands ProSehat’s item medicines.

ProSehat, being founded by medical doctors, really concerns about patient safety. Each ofthose prescriptions will be verified by our certified pharmacist, so if there is fake or unusual prescription, we will contact the users for reconfirmation.

Other than safety, ProSehat for launching programme has generously shared redeemablecoupons. Users may use coupon code HEMAT25 to get 25,000 IDR cheaper of their totalshopping cost. Pretty neat? I bet it is!

<br\>ProSehat’s FeaturesIn terms of features, the application, which supports the healthy way of life, opens an easyaccess for health consumers to redeem prescription medicine through a few simple steps:1. Take picture using camera or upload photos of prescription from gallery in yoursmartphone. Remember to write down the doctor's diagnosis or your health condition.2. Proceed the order process with delivery and patient details. You need to register asmember to track your order progress3. Follow your order progress to see verification process, stock availability until delivery to your place<br\>What an easy way to redeem prescription, yet safe because it is supervised by certifiedhealthcare professional. Another feature that makes this Android app different from others is delivery detail that allows users to send the ordered­medicine to another recipient (other than himself). In addition to redeem prescription medicine, there is facility in accessing price of OTC medicine and supplement so that there will be no longer a problem in knowing the price of the medicine before they buy one. ProSehat’s promo code also help Indonesian family fulfil more affordable healthy needs using this Android application.


Get to Know Them Better!ProSehat application was developed by a team of doctor and former medical student. They aredr. Bimo, dr. Agnes, and Wiguno, who are also the team running, an onlinehealth Q&A portal for years. Experience is the best teacher, hence after being in digital healthspace for almost a decade, we summarizes the 4 major problems faced by Indonesian people interms of access to medicines. These 4 complaints are:­ - long and never­ending queue in getting the medicines,­ - drug availability either from factory or distribution,­ - forgetting to refill the prescription especially those of the chronic patients, and­ - user awareness of medicine information and safety, not saying the price blindness<br\>These are the reasons why these three co­founders create The founding team effort to develop online health marketplace has been all positive feedback with closingundisclosed seed round funding and won Seedstars World Jakarta in mid September 2015.We hope this Android app help Indonesian families to buy various health products and redeem prescriptions easily and affordably; a truly simple better life.

To download the application in Google PlayStore go to

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