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Aug 19, 2020

Private Investment Benchmarking Today: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Preqin WebinarTuesday, 18th August 2020 — 9:00am to 10:10am SGT


Private capital assets under management (AUM) have soared to a record $8tn in the last 10 years. Underpinning this trend, is the rising demand of investors and fund managers for unique and uncorrelated investment strategies to help diversify portfolios. Despite this ample interest, the private capital industry remains opaque, lacking high quality and in-depth fund performance data – especially so in maturing markets like Asia-Pacific. As transparency becomes more important in the industry, many questions are emerging. What makes a ‘perfect’ benchmark for private investment portfolios? Where are the gaps and what are the inefficiencies faced in benchmarking today? And how have conversations around fund performance benchmarking evolved in recent years?


Join us in this webinar where Sebastian Togelang, Founding Partner of Kejora Capital, and other panelists will discuss the challenges of benchmarking and the positive developments in the industry available to address them. Discover best practices in applying appropriate benchmarking tools, and the benefits of adopting more comparable benchmarks. We will also share some exclusive findings from our new benchmarking initiatives with industry players.




Webinar Agenda:

9:00am – Welcome remarks:


Presenter:Jie Xin Choo | VP Research Insights | Preqin

9:05am – Keynote presentation: Private Investment Benchmark Today: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly


Presenter:Jie Sin Chia | Head of Product Management - Asia Pacific | Preqin

9:25am – Panel discussion: An Industry Perspective on Private Capital Benchmarking


Moderator:Jie Sin Chia | Head of Product Management - Asia Pacific | Preqin


Panelists:Sebastian Togelang | Founding Partner | Kejora Capital

Jean Lee | Director of Global Portfolio Management Team | IMMInvestment

Masahiko Honma |Co-founder and General Partner | IncubateFund

Soichi Sam Takata | Head of Private Equity | Tokio Marine Asset MGT

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