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Oct 13, 2023

Olsera Collaborates with Foundry and APINDO MSMEs to Accelerate the Digital Revolution

Olsera collaborated with Foundry through the event "Foundry Mixer: Indonesian SME Digital Revolution." The goal is to strengthen the ecosystem and foster relationships among SME stakeholders while educating them about the latest technologies and innovations that can accelerate SME digitalization. This collaborative event also received full support from Ronald Walla, Chairman of the SME Division of the Indonesian Employers Association (APINDO), who also served as the Keynote Speaker at the event.

Around 60% of Indonesia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) comes from Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), which constitute the backbone of Indonesia's economy and employ more than 97% of the workforce. Unfortunately, out of 65 million MSMEs, only 27 million have been digitized. Despite being the driving force of the economy, the rapidly advancing technology demands MSMEs to keep pace with digitization. Therefore, APINDO, through various MSME programs such as APINDO UMKM Merdeka, APINDO UMKM Academy, and others, believes that collaboration among stakeholders in the SME sector, such as Olsera, can accelerate the digitalization process for SMEs.

Ronald Walla, Chairman of the SME Division of the Indonesian Employers Association (APINDO), stated, "At APINDO, especially in the APINDO UMKM Merdeka program, our task is to weave the pentahelix for stakeholders in SMEs, including academia, government, private sector, media, and business. Additionally, the APINDO UMKM Academy continues to operate, collaborating where university students intern in SMEs under the guidance of practitioners and professors, making the pentahelix function. SMEs gain access to technology and knowledge, while professors and practitioners gain real access to the SME sector to understand current trends. With programs like Foundry, our programs can be more structured. We need to collectively encourage the willingness of SMEs to advance and contribute value to Indonesian society."

Novendy Chen, Co-founder and CEO of Olsera, added, "The Foundry Mixer event is one of our collaborative programs to educate. stakeholders in SMEs. Through the Foundry ecosystem and Olsera's programs in the future, we believe that Olsera can enhance productivity, operational efficiency, and expand the market reach of its users. Through this event, we invite the entire community, especially SME business owners and related stakeholders who share the same mission in supporting the growth and development of SMEs in Indonesia, to collaborate."

Started as a POS system, Olsera has evolved into an end-to-end business management system that streamlines SME operations for both brick and mortar outlets and online sales. It assists in managing operations, financing, inventory management, and business intelligence. 

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