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Sep 30, 2022

Olsera & Paskomnas collaborate to digitize market traders in Tangerang.

Jakarta - Paskomnas Niaga Utama and Olsera conducted a trial of the PASku application for 800 traders in the Tanah Tinggi Wholesale Market, Tangerang. This step is an effort to support the digitalization of thousands of traditional market traders in Indonesia and support national food security.


Through this application, traders will find it easier to manage their capital prices, inventory, debt records, and accurate buyer payments.


"We are pleased to collaborate with Paskomnas to strengthen the foundation of the traditional market ecosystem," said Olsera CEO Novendy in a written statement on Friday (30/9/2022).

"We also believe that Paskomnas is committed to providing the best food products, proven by their collaboration with 500,000 great farmers, and as a starting point, we also hope to help thousands of other market traders," he added.


Meanwhile, Paskomnas CEO Hartono Wignjopranoto said that through the PASku application, they want to help traders grow and survive through technology in the digital business era. It is also to respond to President Joko Widodo's statement some time ago, which stated that technology and digitalization are solutions to address the threat of a food crisis.


"Being familiar with digital technology is a demand of the times to be able to compete in this modern era. To meet this need, Paskomnas, together with Olsera, will try to provide convenience and comfort for traders in the process of transitioning to market digitalization in Indonesia through the PASku application built by Olsera and Paskomnas," said Hartono.

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