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May 19, 2015

Newsflash: "Slipicon Valley" the Hub for Jakarta Startup

Published very recently in Jakarta Post, the rise of "Slipicon Valley", the home of Kejora HQ, as one of the tech startup hub in Jakarta. Besides the 20+ startups in Kejora HQ, there are more than 30 startup companies, digital agencies, and venture capitals around the area.


Where did that term come from? “It’s a joke among [local] startups that set up their headquarters in Slipi. We have no idea who actually started it,” Karen Kamal, co-founder of the website who is also manager at venture capital Kejora Ventures, said in Jakarta recently. “We dream that Slipi will become a hub for local billion-dollar companies in the future, just like Silicon Valley,” Karen added.


As we always believe in Kejora HQ, startup community needs to stick together to tame this market. Running a startup is hard, it would be harder if you do not have an ecosystem to support it. For you entrepreneurs-to-be, come join the community! For you startup founders, let's pay-it-forward and give back to ecosystem. Go Slipi(con) Valley!



About Kejora


Kejora invests in entrepreneurs and help them launch technology companies in large and high growth market verticals. Through growth capital, shared infrastructure and resources, access to the right network of strategic partners and investors, Kejora enables young startups to grow in rapid pace to win leading market positions in each tech vertical in the region.


We are stage agnostic and we focus in opportunities in Southeast Asia.


Kejora maximizes value-creation for investors by leveraging high-growth economies and demographic bonus. We work with highly skilled entrepreneurs to build winning technology companies with high and sustainable growth.

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