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Aug 29, 2014

Launching of New Kejora Website

We're really proud that we can finally launch a new website for Kejora, which is Not only we have a new domain, but also we have a brand new website design. While working on this, we know that Kejora is not just a co-working space, but Kejora is a whole package of Venture Capital, Incubator/Accelerator Program, Events & Conferences, but beyond that we have people behind this great Kejora. So, let's us take a selfie first.



We already have many startups join in KejoraHQ right now, Qerja, CekAja, Rehack, YDigital Asia, Mimopay, MigMe, and more. Yes, we're really proud to become part of KejoraHQ. Well, are ready to join us?


About Kejora

Kejora invests in entrepreneurs and help them launch technology companies in large and high growth market verticals. Through growth capital, shared infrastructure and resources, access to the right network of strategic partners and investors, Kejora enables young startups to grow in rapid pace to win leading market positions in each tech vertical in the region.

We are stage agnostic and we focus in opportunities in Southeast Asia.

Kejora maximizes value-creation for investors by leveraging high-growth economies and demographic bonus. We work with highly skilled entrepreneurs to build winning technology companies with high and sustainable growth.


Areas of Interest




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