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Launching New Feature, Cupslice Cafe

Photo editor apps, Cupslice, once again showed off their role in the world of technology, especially on Android platform. About a week ago, Cupslice officially introduced Cupslice Cafe, the latest feature which still with the impression of youth and chill.

The Cupslice Cafe is designed as a goodies store for Cupslice’s users to download free special-featured items and also premium ones such as stickers, filters, and frames. Currently, Cupslice Cafe provides more than five hundred (500!!!) stickers for many lifestyle themes such as love, motivation, moment, and hobby. This feature will be updated every 8 hours, everyday. The good news is that the stickers or the other featured items in Cupslice Cafe can be filtered based on location, thus each country can have its own special contents.

This best photo editor application from Indonesia, which already sends thousands of stickers to their users downloaded through Cupslice Cafe, is still showing global-quality creativity and innovation in mobile app making!


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About Cupslice

Cupslice is an application that helps people to spice up their photos with goodies and effect to create fun localize content.

Leader: Abdur Sayaf


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