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Oct 10, 2020

Kejora Star Capital II: First in Asia-Pacific

Kejora Star Capital (KSC) II has been ranked the best performing venture capital fund in the APAC region by Preqin. Highlights of our investments include nascent high growth startups such as Investree, Sicepat, SnapAsk, and many more. Since its establishment in 2017, KSC II has achieved a 95.9% net IRR.



COVID-19 has had a huge impact on driving the advancement of industry 4.0 around the world. Globally, investors have been reacting negatively as we can see from the data that the number of deals and amount invested in the tech industry have seen major setbacks. However, we at Kejora believe that this pandemic will serve as a trigger to further accelerate the adoption of tech ecosystems in the SEA region.


As one of the largest venture capital firms in the Southeast Asia region with $380 million AUM, Kejora is focused on building a substantial and independent ecosystem in Southeast Asia. As of October 2020, Kejora oversees 35 investments in Asia and created more than 91,000 jobs within 5 years.


“We are proud of the growth that the founders of our portfolio companies have achieved thus far. Even amidst an ongoing pandemic, our founders and their team have managed to come up on top. COVID-19 has served as a catalyst to the digitization of business processes across different industries and we are looking forward for what the future might brings us.”Sebastian Togelang, Founding Partner of Kejora Capital



About Preqin Pro: Preqin is an extensive global database of financial data and information on the alternative assets market. Preqin tracked more than 5,800 service providers that provide fund formation and administration services, 9,500 private equity investors, 8,400 real estate investors and performance data for over 11,300 private capital funds.

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