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Feb 16, 2016

Kejora HQ features in MetroTV 360

On January 11, we invited MetroTV 360 to come and experience a day in our co-working space in Kejora HQ. During the visit our director, Andy Zain, gave them a tour of our office space and introduce them to the different startups in Kejora HQ. In Etobee's office area, they were amazed with Etobee's fleet monitoring system. The CEO of Wavoo, Domex Mandey, entertained our visitors with their dating app with his refreshing humor and the fun user experience of his app.


After visiting most of the startups in the 6th floor, Mr. Zain brought our visitors from MetroTV to the 9th floor in Tower B where they were introduced to Qerja and Cekaja. The broadcast of the tour and interview of our Kejora HQ ecosystem was aired on Thursday, 28th of January. Click on the video link to watch MetroTV 360's video about Slipicon Valley.



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