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Journeying with Karental

When travelling to another city in Indonesia, have you have an instance where you had troubles in finding an affordable car rental service nearby? Well now we have an easy-to-use application for it, produced by one of our company profile from Ideabox. Karental is one of our early start-up focusing in producing an application platform for car rental owners to meet their customers upon their arrival in the airport. In addition to being a car rental solution for travellers, we intend to allow users to have the option in requesting a driver to drive them around the city to go through their day in accordance to their agenda.


Currently, Karental only offers car rental services for users with the maximum of two weeks. With more than 400 cars locating in both Bandung and Jabotabek and service being provided in Bali and Bandung, Karental are ready to provide you the car rental service you need in these mentioned locations.

For more information, feel free to visit Karental’s page at Kejora and Ideabox would like to thank you for your support through 2015 and hope you will continue to support us in the year 2016 and the future to come.


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