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Aug 7, 2021

Investree & Bank Jago Partners to Revitalize Indonesian SMEs

Kejora’s own fintech portfolio, Investree, has announced its synergy with Bank Jago, the latter to become an institutional Lender on Investree’s lending platform. With a channeling partnership formed & as Investree continues to evolve as an integrated digital business solution for Indonesian SMEs, this alliance is formed to support the growth of SMEs that have taken a significant toll through the pandemic.



As an effort to fortify Indonesia’s current digital economic landscape, Investree Co-Founder & CEO Adrian Gunadi forwards that this partnership is critical in not only driving further sustainable growth in their business, but also to provide greater ease of access and speed for SMEs to access loans. As tech-based Bank Jago enters as an Institutional Lender, the coaction is faithful in their mission to cement their thesis on how fintech is a necessary complement to supercharge traditional banking as opposed to being a threat, especially in fulfilling the massive public need for fair access to financing.


Looking ahead, Investree’s & Bank Jago’s suite of products and services are focused on enabling more straightforward, collaborative, and innovative financing options, where Bank Jago is committing over $US 6.9M+ in loans.


To nurture their long-term commitment to support SME financing, Investree is earnest in staying true to apply a credit scoring mechanism that is fair, comprehensive, and transparent, all while leveraging the most cutting-edge financial technology systems available to continuously improve its mode of risk management.


Kejora Capital is humbled to be able to celebrate the likes of Investree and all our other portfolios whenever they demonstrate their capability to synergize and build the very ecosystems in which they had always promised to impact meaningfully. With 29% of MSMEs still not having access to credit in the last 3 years and Indonesia only disbursing 17% in conventional loans relative to its GDP (Source: PwC), much could still be done -- including by Investree and many of our future portfolios -- in this sphere.

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