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Jun 3, 2015

Idea Generation: Follow Up Assignments

Recently, I wrote about the idea generation method that we often use in Founder Institute Jakarta and in Kejora ecosystem. In short, there are five stages where you 1) brainstorm, 2) evaluate, 3) research, 4) talk to customers, 5) try to kill the idea. And an idea must be able to impact millions of lives (customers & employees), so it is worth pursuing for the next 20 years (it is your life anyway!).


Few weeks ago, Andy did a recital of the Idea Generation Metrod in one of C4TK follow up session. He started explaining the whole method, and close the presentation with a practical advise on how to actually start it - which is why I'm writing.


In fact it was an assignment for all the audience, to help them start and find their next best ideas! These activities is designed to help budding entrepreneurs with steps 1, 2 and a bit on step 3 of idea generation.


Remember, it is really easy to fall in love with (your) bad ideas. And nobody will steal your stupid ideas. So don't worry to share, because people can show your fallacy and will not steal your ideas... take note to those two sentences of wisdom.


The assignment goes like this, after the break.



#1: Tell your Life Story


The best idea will complete your life story. That is why you should only pursue ideas that are fitting to your life narative. Write your Life Story in at least five paragraphs with at least one paragraph dedicated to each of the following topics:


(1) early childhood,

(2) schooling,

(3) professional career,

(4) entrepreneurship and

(5) the future.


For entrepreneurship, explain why you are starting a company and describe how entrepreneurship fits into your life story. For the future, write what you envision that your life as an entrepreneur will be like in five years, including both positives and negatives. Spend enough time, at least 2 hours, on this assignment.



#2: Why You

Write one paragraph that elaborates on the deeply personal reason on why you are motivated to be entrepreneur and a second paragraph on the industry or problem that you are deeply concerned with.



#3: Projects


Identify three separate Projects to pursue building, which can be completely different ideas or the same idea with a different implementation or targeting different customers.

For each Project, write :


(1) one sentence that describes the Project (see:,

(2) one sentence on why you are passionate about running the Project for the next 20 years of your life,

(3) one sentence why you are uniquely qualified as compared to anyone else in the world to develop this Project,

(4) write one sentence describing the individual human being that will authorise payment to you for the Project, which is your customer, and

(5) why the customer needs the Project to improve their lives or their business.


Spend at least 3 hours to do this assignment. On average, that is the benchmark of the required time to think this through.


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