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Founders' Story: Dr. Gregorius Bimantoro

For those of you who have not heard of Atoma Medical or Prosehat, this is a great opportunity to learn about them and their CEO and founder, Dr. Gregorius Bimantoro, also known as Dr. Bimo by the residents of Kejora HQ. Atoma Medical is a digital health communication company that provides services aiming to improve people's health through reliable content and access to the right technology. Prosehat is a medical marketplace for individuals to buy over-the-counter medicines, prescripted medicing, vitamins, and other health-related products.

A wise man said that an organization is only as good as its leader, therefore in order to introduce you better to Atoma Medical and Prosehat, we decided to interview the company CEO and founder. It was a refreshing interview, as Dr. Bimo was very humble yet his passion for his company was extraordinary. Read more to hear about the startup journey of Dr. Bimo and his founder team in creating Atoma Medical and Prosehat and gain his valuable insights in becoming an entrepreneur and building your own startup. Hard work and passion, these are the two attributes that we believe best describe Dr. Bimo as an entrepreneur.

Starting from a fun start: Can you recall one of the most craziest/funniest things you have done for your startup?

For me, the craziest thing was creating my dream into a real startup. Since my cofounder and I have big dreams and the current trend is to become a startup, we decided to great a startup that is new and something no one has done before. Our dream for AtomaMedical and Prosehat is for it to become sustainable for future innovations in the Medical industry.

Is there any of your loved ones that you would like to mention that was there for you since the very beginning?

I would like to mention my wife, Dr. Leonita, and my two daughters. My wife trusted me even when the financial times were so bad and we're still married. We both love to challenge each other, I challenge her to be better in her dream work as an intensive doctor. While she challenge me to become a better entrepreneur in the health tech industry.

What was the hardest part of your journey in order to get to where you are currently?

My hardest part of my journey was realizing that we have limits and that we have to challenge ourselves to find a way to work beyond that limit and become better.

If you were to go back to the past and advise a teenager you, what will you advise yourself? [In terms of mental or physical wellness tips, startup tactic tips, or what would you like to change about the choices you’ve made]

I would probably advise myself to be more humble and become smarter in the way I work. I have learnt alot with my founder team in growing through collaboration with other organizations and other individuals. By being more humble and smarter in the way we work would have made our relationship with our partners better and made our progress less bumpy.

Can you tell us the story of the journey you had in creating your startup?

When I started Medical school, my dream upon entering medical school was more about joining the health technology industry rather than becoming a practician. So I joined a community with the same vision where I had met my cofounder and had opportunity to work together with an idea on a health information portal and things started rolling from there. We were entering the world of digital marketing, which is not really in the scope of medical doctors. We met alot of people and taught ourselves how to build and run a business. Eventually because I always felt that what I am doing was always not enough, I decided to join incubators and founder institute that was held in Kejora. My cofounder and I talked alot with the directors in Mountain Kejora Ventures and discuss about the potential growth in the health care market in Indonesia and decided that it the right moment to go in the industry since a lot things are changing with the health care regulation.

You need to live success even in your down time, because ups and down is only in your mind. The most important thing is your winning spirit. The belief that that 'I am not going to be a loser'.

My plan together with my founder team for Atoma Medical and Prosehat is to create a global organization that impacts millions of live in 2020. It has been my dream since I was in medical school and I will look forward to it being materialized.

What is the most valuable lesson did you learn from building your startup? Are there any tips you may have for future startup founders?

You only live once, so be the person that you are. Don't live other people's life and dreams.

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