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Oct 23, 2022

ExtraGEN and Aerodyne Group Collaborate on Agricultural Drone Technology Applications

Liquid biofertilizer producer ExtraGEN entered into a memorandum of understanding or MoU with international company Aerodyne Group for the use of drone technology and mapping of agricultural land data. The MoU was marked by the visit of the Aerodyne Group from Malaysia to the ExtraGEN Factory in Sleman, Yogyakarta.


President Director of PT Indodaya Mitra Persada 168 (ExtraGEN producer), Atik Chandra said the collaboration was in line with his mission to focus on encouraging more productive and sustainable organic agriculture in Indonesia. “According to our vision, we continue to play an active role in promoting organic agriculture in Indonesia while at the same time boosting crop productivity with effective and efficient principles,” he said. According to Atik Chandra, this collaboration will later be implemented for farmers assisted by ExtraGEN in particular and will continue to be widely developed in an effort to encourage agricultural productivity based on technology. “With the support of this collaboration, we hope that agriculture in Indonesia, especially our farmers, can continue to increase productivity and data accuracy by utilizing this technology,” he explained.


He also hopes that this collaboration will be the best solution for combining the use of drones and extragenous fertilizers, for example for oil palm plantations, helping to save costs and fertilizing with maximum and fast results.


In the same place, the Principal and Executive Committee of Aerodyne, Kamarul A Muhamed said that the collaboration that will be carried out will later encourage the digital transformation of Indonesian agriculture with the support of drone technology and accurate data. “Farmers will get organic fertilizer. Now, we already have a good fertilizer. ExtraGEN, how is it applied, so we support it with the use of our drone technology to encourage the effectiveness and efficiency of farmers’ work for more productive results,” he said.


Aerodyne itself, explained Kamarul, has been applied in 35 countries in the agricultural sector to support digital transformation. For this reason, he hopes that this collaboration will become an important milestone in the progress of agriculture in Indonesia as well as support the government later in boosting the productivity of agricultural products. “This collaboration, in principle, encourages convenience and efficiency as our motto is fast, better, effective, and safe,” he explained. Later, continued Kamarul, farmers will be given transfer of knowledge regarding the use of Aerodyne technology with training and gradual technology transfer. “We hope that this application will be able to handle all the obstacles of farmers in realizing productive, effective, efficient and sustainable or sustainable agriculture,” he concluded.


Source: Warta Ekonomi

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