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May 12, 2016

Exclusive Facebook Workshop

On March 31st, KejoraHQ hosted an exclusive Facebook Workshop for all Kejora HQ residents. In this workshop we talked about both current and future features from the Facebook platform and how startups can benefit from it. The Facebook Team also gave our resident startups tips and guides in optimizing their features.



During this workshop, the Facebook Teams states that startups and SMEs use Facebook for three objectives. First being to build local brands through social media, second objective being to compete regionally among other Southeast Asian countries and last objective is to connect with the global market.

Using features like Facebook pages and live messaging, the Facebook team guided our resident startups in ways to optimize your startup's end objective and how to bid your true value for advertising. The Facebook Team also told the startups in Kejora HQ about the Facebook auction system and the tips and tricks to benefit from the auction feature.

Another interesting things taught in the Facebook workshop was the safe reply system and the admin tools for the Facebook Shop. The safe reply system allows users to auto-send a template message to their customers when they are not currently available for chat.

Looking back at the workshop, four of the most valuable things learned in the Facebook workshop about posting ads are:

  1. Don't forget to pace your ads, try to make your ads live the whole day.

  2. Always bid your true value for your ad.

  3. Bid based on your business objective (or KPI).

  4. Always stick to true and creative objective when placing ads.

The event was very interesting and our Kejora residents were able to learn many ways to take advantage of Facebook's features. Read in our blog about Facebook's first ever F8 Meetup.


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