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Dr. Bimo Represents AtomaMedical and Prosehat in SeedStars Switzerland

Prosehat has been with the Kejora Family since September 2015 now. It's been a great pleasure to have them around, especially when you have two practicing doctors around to give you free check-ups or medical advice in office. But back to Prosehat, Prosehat is a medical marketplace for individuals to get over-the-counter medicines, prescription medicines, vitamins, and other health products. They started in August 2015 as a branch of Atoma Medical. Recently they were invited to join SeedStars World as the top 54 finalists of 2015, and to become the Startup representative of Indonesia.


What is SeedStars World?

SeedStars World is a global startup competition, where they look for different startups from 54 countries. In the 2015 competition, they received 4,460 applications for the competition and heard 630 pitching startups. Imagine how proud we were of Prosehat, who was able to become the top 54 to join SeedStars World to compete for the Winning title in Switzerland. This was no doubt an amazing experience for local startups to grow and become more globally connected within a short amount of time. In this competition, there were various of brilliant mentors from across the globe coming together to teach these startups from 54 different countries. In addition to the mentors, startups were able to connect with other startups that they would not have connected if they did not meet in the SeedStars World Competition. Networks, Insights and Challenges, these are the three words that we had to summarize the SeedStars World Competition. And as Entrepreneurs we know how importantthese three things are as seeds that make us grow our businesses and ourselves as an individual.

Prosehat in Switzerland

Unfortunately, Prosehat did not bring the trophy home for Indonesia in the SeedStars World Competition. But it did bring back many inspirations and insights to help other startups here in Kejora HQ grow together as an ecosystem.

Dr. Gregorius Bimantoro, CEO and founder of Prosehat, was the lead representative that went to Switzerland to compete in the SeedStars World Competition. He stated that he would start the day at 3:30 am to start a conference call with his team in Indonesia until around 5:30 to 6:30 am. It would usually be 2 or 3 meetings in a row. After, he would prepare the day for the presentation, pitch or business model that he needed to revise for the competition. Breakfast sessions would usually start at 9 am where he would mingle with other startup founders from different countries and exchange experiences and culture. Following breakfast, he would have wonderful sessions with mentors, investors and otherstartups until 5 to 6 pm. He stated that by dinner time, the weather was around 2 to 5 degrees celsius, very cold for someone coming from Indonesia for the first time. After dinner, a little after 9pm, Dr. Bimo would go our with his friends from the competition to either have another internal discussion about the happenings in the next day. 

Reflecting on SeedStars World Competition

When we asked Dr. Bimo about his experience in the SeedStars World Competition, he said that he enjoyed it alot. He made friends with everyone from around the world. He learned how the other startups in other regions are doing and how they manage to succeed in their limited environment ecosystem. In addition, it was his first time going to Europe. He personally liked the fact that he got to meet global mentors that have different perspectives, despite never being in Indonesia, they truly know how to operate in Southeast Asia. He was able to get tips on how to scale Prosehat outside Indonesia, which was something he thought was difficult before going to the competition. Now, that is just another obstacle that he is willing to get through. There's no doubt that this competition had fueled Dr. Bimo's burning passion for Prosehat to succeed and breakthrough all limitations that they previously though was impossible to beat.

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