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Dealoka Launch in Bandung!

About two weeks ago, Dealoka, Ideabox company that provides mobile voucher for deals and promotion, formally launched in Bandung. We applauded the Dealoka team's effort to make it happen, definitely a wonderful feat to pull.

The launch is a long awaited event. Dealoka wrote in their blog that they had a fanatical user in Bandung that (positively, out of deep care of Dealoka) rated them with 1 star because he/she could not find anymore deal in the city! Thus begun Dealoka's quest to enter Bandung! First they recruited a local team from Bandung and deployed for few months to understand the market - what's hot and what's not, while all the others supported in preparing marketing collaterals, design materials, MC, event planning, crowd gathering, media promo, and a lot others. Until the very last minute.

Also the highlight of the launch was the attendance of Kamalia Purbani as the head of Bandung Smart City, who represents Ridwan Kamil as the Mayor. Ms. Kamalia apreciate Sidnei's and team, specially saying Sidnei as "urang Bandung" (Bandung native) that returned from Kangaroo Country to help Bandung's SME in entering the digital era.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="591"] Dealoka Launch @ Bandung[/caption]

Bandung is the second city where Dealoka operates after Jakarta. Dealoka is optimistic that they will prosper well in Indonesia, by transforming how people conduct transaction smartly and easily using their smartphones.

Looks like the launch is well received, judging by all the good reviews they received. And being their investor we have some insider information that the number showed a significant jump after the launch... Well done, Dealoka!

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