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Content Writing Workshops with Zetta Media

How confident is your content writing skill? Well, if your answer is "not quite confident", then fear no more as Zetta Media has been hosting workshops to help aspiring writers and beginners to write better content. Since January this year, Zetta Media has making writing workshops all over Indonesia with the guidance of their famous and talented Chief Content Officer, Ollie. Sharing her amazing knowledge and skill in writing, she has been helping aspiring writers to write outside-the-box and create amazing viral content. 

Recently, Zetta Media hosted a workshop in a co-working space called Gawe, located in Tomang. This workshop was intended to teach aspiring writers "How to Create Viral Content" on January 23rd early this year. Guest Speaker includes Bunga Mega, the Managing Editor of Rula's vision is to empower Women in Indonesia to have the ability to become more independent over their well-being. During the workshop, Bunga spoke of tips and methods to make content writing become more inspirational and creative.

"Viral contents usually trigger these emotions or push people's : taboo, unusual, outrageous, hilarious, remarkable, or secrets." -- Ollie, Chief Content Officer of Zetta Media.

Meanwhile in the workshop, Ollie also taught the attendees about bringing emotions into their writing and different methods to draft and brainstorm ideas into great viral content. The attendees were able to practice what they learned from the speakers, while the speakers were beside them to give one-on-one walkthroughs and advice to help them grow. Overall, the event was amazing, participants and staffs had a great time and the attendees went home with a new value-added skill to help them grow as an individual.

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