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Apr 10, 2023

Commemorating World Health Day: Asa Ren Commits to Advancing Healthcare through Genomic Solutions

As the world marks World Health Day with the theme "Health for All," the global community's commitment to achieving better public health is more crucial than ever. Asa Ren, the digital biobank for Indonesia and Southeast Asia, is dedicated to continually enhancing its technology and genomic solutions to improve healthcare quality for all. Asa Ren has recently innovated a more affordable DNA test kit that makes it possible to reach more people in need.


Aloysius Liang, the co-founder and CEO of Asa Ren, said, "In line with this year's theme, 'Health for All,' we believe that mass DNA data collection could improve the nation's efforts towards better healthcare for all. Together, we can advance the healthcare ecosystem that is more equitable, accessible, and patient-centered for everyone."


Asa Ren is one of Indonesia’s first DNA data company which aims to accelerate drug discovery and personalized treatments for Southeast Asia’s healthcare industry by developing clinico-genomic databases from both healthy and confirmed diagnostic populations.


The potential of genomic solutions in healthcare is vast. With the ability to analyze an individual's genetic profile, healthcare professionals can gain a better understanding of a patient's risk factors, predict the likelihood of developing certain conditions, and tailor treatment plans accordingly. This personalized approach to healthcare can lead to better health outcomes and more efficient use of resources.


As a company focused on DNA data acquisition and interpretation, Asa Ren aims to provide more affordable DNA testing to society. As a result of the DNA test, the patient will receive over 360 reports that reveal health potential, diet and nutrition, success traits, interests and talents, predisposition to disease, and ancestry for adults and children.


In conclusion, Asa Ren's dedication to developing genomic technology and solutions is a significant step towards better public health. The DNA testing services provided by Asa Ren are accessible to a broader segment of society, allowing more people to make informed decisions regarding their health and lifestyle based on their genetic profile. As we strive towards creating a more equitable, accessible, and patient-centered healthcare ecosystem, we can work towards the goal of "Health for All."


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