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May 27, 2015

Coming Up: Lean Startup Machine workhop @ KejoraHQ

We are a proud sponsor of the upcoming Lean Startup Machine Jakarta workshop! It will take place at Kejora HQ facilities on the September 4-6.


LSM is a 3-day workshop that teaches you how to build something customers want and run the right experiments to steer your business in the right direction. The workshop will address the biggest reason of failure for startup companies: getting no customers because they are building something that nobody wants. During the workshop, the participants will learn to apply experimentation techniques, including the famous "Get Out of The Building", to validate your idea.


The Jakarta LSM workshop is supported by 30+ stakeholders from the startup community, including mentors, medias, ventures, and corporations. Some mentors showed up during yesterday's press conference (pictured above) to share their views about startup scene in Indonesia and their hopes about LSM.


"We at Kejora HQ supports LSM because we see the value of this workshop in helping startup founders to succeed. It is extremely important for Indonesian startups to step up their game in light of upcoming AFTA era, hence we strongly support activities like LSM," said Karen Kamal of Mountain Kejora Ventures.


“(The) Indonesian startup scene makes me feel like watching Asia’s Got Talent,” said Hartmann. “Every year you keep on saying that they can never possibly bring another talent like that, but it just keeps on happening!”


And Doni Priliandi, Founder of Happy5, securing a market is crucial because failure in business is not always caused by technicalities. “You have to remember that 95 percent of startups fail not because of bugs [in their apps]. They fail because nobody uses their product!”


See you there in the LSM workshop!


About Kejora


Kejora invests in entrepreneurs and help them launch technology companies in large and high growth market verticals. Through growth capital, shared infrastructure and resources, access to the right network of strategic partners and investors, Kejora enables young startups to grow in rapid pace to win leading market positions in each tech vertical in the region.


We are stage agnostic and we focus in opportunities in Southeast Asia.


Kejora maximizes value-creation for investors by leveraging high-growth economies and demographic bonus. We work with highly skilled entrepreneurs to build winning technology companies with high and sustainable growth.


About Lean Startup Machine


Lean Startup Machine (LSM) is a three-day workshop on building a successful business.

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