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Nov 22, 2023

Bizhare Raised Pre-Series A Round, Led by Kejora-SBI Orbit Fund

Indonesia’s securities crowdfunding platform Bizhare secured Pre-Series A round led by Kejora Capital and SBI Holdings. Previous investors, including Telkomsel Mitra Inovasi and AngelCentral, also participated in this funding round. 

Founded in 2018, Bizhare enables users to invest in micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through various securities such as stocks, bonds, and sharia compliant bonds(sukuk). The fintech startup has approximately 200,000 retail investors in its platform, helping around 130 brands in financing their business and expansion.

Founder & CEO of Bizhare Heinrich Vincent stated, "We are very proud of the achievement of this funding from SBI-Kejora Orbit. We believe that through the strategic collaboration between Bizhare, Kejora Capital, and SBI Holdings, we will strengthen Bizhare's position as a leading business investment platform, providing transparent and secure access to investments in various prominent businesses for the Indonesian community."

Shunichi Keida, Regional Partner/Advisor of Kejora Capital and Fund Director of SBI-Kejora Orbit Fund also stated, "SBI-Kejora Orbit is proud to be a part of Bizhare. SMEs constitute a significant portion of Indonesia's economy, contributing over 61% to our GDP. Bizhare is at the forefront of connecting approximately $80 billion in liquid capital from retail investors and high-net-worth individuals in Indonesia to support SMEs and propel them to the next level."

Bizhare has helped well-known brands in Indonesia such as Holycow, Bam Cargo, Sour Sally, Ubeatz, Pempek Farina, Shuka Grill, as well as providing funding for movies, private corporate vendors, and more.

Bizhare has also just expanded its investor segment to institutional investors by launching the Bizhare Institutional feature. In doing so, Bizhare provides opportunities for private companies, family offices, cooperatives, venture capital, foundations, and other financial entities to collaborate and invest in various businesses in Indonesia.

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