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Dec 14, 2013

Best Platform for Startups

So what is the Best Platform for Startups? This interesting topic is what we explored during our first Technical Talk at ideabox.

Mr Izak Jenie launched our series of weekly technical talks by laying a very important foundation that startups have to consider, the importance of scalability.


Izak who is a long-time veteran in the Indonesian tech scene shared his 20 year journey through many ventures. Full of anectodes from the time he implemented the majority on online banking systems in Indonesia, one theme persisted – scalability.

How do you create a scalable system? Luckily in this day and age, technology works in our favour. More and more, there is a growing number of services out there designed to take this issue out of our hands, allowing startups to focus on the business and getting the right product  that customers want.

A few of the best tools out there for the trade:

  • Izak highly recommends DigitalOcean, a simple SSD cloud server, with service starting from $5/month. A more premium service is Amazon Web Services.

  • Database-wise, NoSQL is the future, with MongoDB leading the pack.

  • Erlang, Ruby and Python are all fast, powerful dynamic languages

  • Mulesoft for robust integration platform

It was a fun informative night in the usual Izak-style and we saw lots of people taking notes, sure to check out all the new tools that we learnt. Thanks Mr Izak!




About Ideabox

Ideabox is a tech business incubator powered by Indosat in partnership with Kejora and supported by Ooredoo Group.We focus our investments on early stage startups related to telecommunication, media and technology sectors.We run 120 days acceleration program to bring startups from ideas to awesome product.

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