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Become the hottest buzz in town through SociaBuzz

Comparing today with a decade ago, we can’t deny the increasing importance of social media and digital presence in our lives today. Most youth today check at least one social media platform once a day. This social media culture innovated new experiences and lifestyle. Before the social media age existed, people gain become famous through traditional media methods such as: TV, News, Magazines and other non-digital media sources. Now individual personas can gain the public’s attention just by becoming ‘viral,’ a term created due to the birth of the social media age.

This shift in lifestyle culture did not go unnoticeable upon the eyes of corporations and companies. As traditional media started to lose the attention of the younger generation, these business entities had to find new ways to garner their attention. This means that they have to study new ways to market their product. One way companies can market their product online is through using these social media celebrities to endorse their product.

Whether you are advertiser trying to market your product in social media platforms or a social media trendsetter wanting to earn more additional income through using your social media influence, you would have to know our company profile, SociaBuzz. SociaBuzz is a marketing platform that connects companies and advertisers with matching social media influencers in order to make their partnership experience more simple and effective.

Currently fully running in Twitter and expanding to blogs and instagram, Sociabuzz has collected over 4000 social media influencers and big corporate names users using their marketing platform service.

For more information, feel free to visit SociaBuzz’s page at Kejora and Ideabox would like to thank you for your support through 2015 and hope you will continue to support us in the year 2016 and the future to come.


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