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Oct 2, 2023

Asa Ren and the Ministry of Health Prepare Genomic-Based Health Solutions

Healthtech startup Asa Ren collaborates with the Directorate General of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices (Ditjen Farmalkes) of the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) in developing genomic-based health information technology.

This partnership is a follow-up to the Biomedical & Genome Science Initiative (BGSi) project launched by Kemenkes in August 2022. Over the next two years, this project aims to collect and analyze 10,000 human genome sequences to develop more precise treatments for the public.

In order to accelerate the achievement of this goal, Kemenkes has partnered with the private sector, including Asa Ren. Asa Ren's role in this partnership includes:

  • integrating itself with the BGSi sequencing initiative,

  • exploring the potential use of genomic technology as a clinical decision support tool, and

  • conducting collaborative validation studies to compare the use of genomic technology with traditional diagnostic approaches.

The aim of this partnership is to provide genetic screening test solutions that enhance early detection, confirm diagnoses, and manage diseases.

"Integrating health technology, such as medical applications and electronic health records (e-Health Records), will make it easier to manage patient data, optimize medical procedures, and enable more efficient care services," said Aloysius Liang, founder and CEO of Asa Ren.

Minister of Health, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, emphasized the importance of government collaboration with the private sector to provide accessible, quality healthcare at affordable costs. He stated that the government would regulate to facilitate investors in the healthcare sector.

Asa Ren has partnered with the Watsons Indonesia pharmacy network to facilitate customers in purchasing Asa Ren's DNA kits in Jakarta. These DNA kits allow users to collect their own samples, send them to Asa Ren's laboratory, and receive reports and counseling from counselors through an application."

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