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Adrianna Tan Seized Two More Awards

Adrianna Tan, founder of Wobe, continues her string of awards in 2015. Let's have a closer look at her latest awards... Two Awards to be exact: first, SWIFT Innotribe "The Power Women in FinTech Index" and second, True Global Ventures competition for top female entrepreneurs.


On June 2015 Innotribe published the research paper: "The Power Women in FinTech Index, bridging the Gender Gap". Innotribe realized that although FinTech is progressing by leaps and bounds, there is still a need to highlight the female achievers in this field. So the paper presents over 400 Power Women in FinTech, including our very own Adrianna Tan!


By the way, the paper is a really good read.


Obviously she didn't stop there. Soon afterwards she hinted something else.


Glad to be able to share my work @Wobe_ID with FinTech super angle @stojanovicdusan — who has committed to support female entrepreneurs.— Adrianna Tan (@skinnylatte) June 23, 2015


And... a month later on July 2015, Dusan Stojanovic, founder of True Global Ventures, also held a competition to select top female entrepreneurs. From a very competitive list of 157 applicants, Adrianna Tan won Second Place (right after Elsa Dsilva).


True Global Ventures Backs Female Entrepreneurs as Trio Shifts to Crowdfunding on.. — Accredited Investors (@InvestorsAccred) August 22, 2015



A brief look on those two awards obviously brings us to the issue of gender diversity in the FinTech sector. To read more on this you can follow this link.


We count this as Adrianna's fifth achievement in 2015 alone. Congratulations! And ... could you stop winning Adrianna? Oh, no way!


Wobe builds financial and business tools for low and middle-income Indonesian women, enabling users to start a micro-business in selling prepaid phone airtime, electricity, water payment vouchers and bus and train tickets. Wobe participates in Ideabox Batch 2, a start-up accelerator program organized in partnership between Indosat and Mountain Kejora Ventures

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