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Sep 19, 2023

Accelerating SME Digitalization: Olsera & AstraPay Partnership Officially Launched

In a pivotal agreement crafted to advance the digitization of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and strengthen financial inclusion throughout Indonesia, Olsera has strategically allied with AstraPay. This formal partnership was solidified on September 7, 2023, at Zest Lounge, Menara Astra, Jakarta, and was contemporaneously marked by the launch of the innovative Olsera business management system, which is now seamlessly integrated with the AstraPay digital payment platform.

Advocating for MSMEs in a Digital Epoch:

Novendy Chen, Co-founder and CEO of Olsera, articulated that this collaborative endeavor exemplifies Olsera’s resolute commitment to fortifying and expediting the growth trajectory of MSMEs through meticulous digitization. This is especially pivotal in arming MSMEs with the requisite tools and strategies to navigate through the rigorous competitive landscapes emergent in the digital epoch. “Our collaborative frameworks will perpetually evolve to encompass all MSMEs within both the Olsera and AstraPay ecosystems, addressing integration needs across their business management and digital payment realms,” expressed Novendy.

Olsera’s end-to-end business management ecosystem supplants the conventional, and arguably less efficient, financial accounting paradigms with a comprehensive suite of features enabling MSME stakeholders to transact both at physical outlets and digitally, whilst managing operations, financial metrics, balancing businesses, securing business fund support, raw material requisitioning, and availing business consultation services. Added functionalities include self-ordering, delivery ordering, takeaway services, and reservation management.


A Unified Vision for Financial Efficacy:

Rina Apriana, CEO of AstraPay, conveyed the Astra Group’s ebullient enthusiasm towards this collaboration. “Our strategic alliance with Olsera coalesces seamlessly with our initiatives aimed at underpinning Indonesian MSME entrepreneurs in their transition towards digital payments, thereby enhancing financial inclusion within Indonesia. We are dedicated to furnishing an effortless and comfortable digital transactional experience,” Rina elucidated.

AstraPay, with its current user base of 10.8 million and collaborations with over 20,000 merchants across Indonesia, brings to the partnership a platform that offers users comprehensive conveniences in executing payments, spanning from its intuitive application to secure digital transactions.


Synergy in Numbers and Forward-Looking Strategies:

Olsera, having permeated more than 500 cities in Indonesia and engaged with over 18,000 merchants, together with AstraPay, is strategically aligned to achieve a mutually established target of engaging 25,000 merchants by the culmination of December, serving as a metric of the effectiveness of the newly inaugurated system.


As the future unfolds, Olsera and AstraPay envision transcending beyond the pilot project phase, aspiring to tangibly embody a transformation within the financial systems of MSMEs, especially those situated in remote locales. “This collaboration will steadfastly persevere to expedite the growth of MSME partners within both ecosystems, while concurrently edifying them on digital finance amid the burgeoning potential of digital economic growth throughout Indonesia,” Rina affirmed.Looking ahead, this collaboration will continue to fuel the growth of SME partners within both the Olsera and AstraPay ecosystems, in line with the rapidly growing potential of the digital economy. We at Kejora Capital couldn't be more excited about the boundless possibilities this partnership unlocks

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