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Investree is a fintech lending pioneer with over 5 years of experience in offering digital business solutions to SMEs.

From a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, Investree has evolved into a platform that provides loan products focused on supply chain financing, catering to the needs of SMEs who lack the financial knowledge to comply with the procedures and requirements set out by conventional banks. With Investree, SMEs can access alternative financing options that enable them to grow their business and achieve financial inclusion in Indonesia.

Investree's commitment to serving SMEs is evident in the current credit gap of USD 92.8 billion, affecting 52% of the 815,000 SMEs in Indonesia. As a solution to this gap, Investree has deployed USD 1 billion in financing, contributing significantly to the growth of small businesses in Indonesia. The company's vision of financial inclusion in Indonesia is shared by all stakeholders, and together with its borrowers, lenders, and stakeholders, Investree aims to create a sustainable financial ecosystem that benefits everyone. With Investree, SMEs can access the financial support they need to achieve their business goals and thrive in today's competitive market.

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