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Mar 21, 2023

Kejora Capital Participated at BIBAN 2023

Kejora Capital recently participated in BIBAN CONFERENCE 2023, the largest technology exhibition in Saudi Arabia held in Riyadh. As the "Gateway to Southeast Asia," Kejora showcased their portfolios to the attendees, interacted with various stakeholders, and received significant interest and engagement. Kejora Capital's commitment to investing in innovative and scalable businesses across Southeast Asia and globally was highlighted, and our participation in Biban was an opportunity to expand the network and strengthen our presence in the region.


At BIBAN, Kejora Capital also showcased their industry-leading companies, including Asaren, SWAP Energy, H2O Hospitality, and Pinkfong. Erwin Arifin, Kejora Capital's VP of Investments, also had the privilege of joining a judging panel at BIBAN under Draper University x Aladdin B2B startup competition, which allowed him to identify and support promising startups in the Middle East, leading to long-term partnerships and collaborations.


As the Gateway to Southeast Asia, Kejora Capital's extensive network of partners and investors throughout Southeast Asia provides valuable insights and support to help startups navigate the region's unique challenges. The tech industry in Southeast Asia is one of the most robust globally, with a rapidly expanding population of digital consumers and a thriving startup culture. Kejora Capital's position allows themselves to readily assist companies seeking to join the dynamic startup ecosystem in the region.


Kejora Capital's participation in BIBAN CONFERENCE 2023 was a resounding success, highlighting our commitment to supporting innovative startups in Southeast Asia and beyond. We are well-equipped to facilitate connections and help companies tap into the enormous potential of Southeast Asia's tech ecosystem.

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